anybody know if YYE is ever planning on getting any mangaroos? id love to get one but i cant really find one anywhere. also, ive been hearing some rumors about the facade getting some new colorways. does anyone know if thats true and if so how long before YYE gets them?


they used to have mangaroos. you can also get them at the yoyo store rewind, but if you live in the us then it’s $13 shipping. also look around the forums to see if anyone is selling.


I have the Rec Rev… a red colorway, green colorway, and black colorway would be kinda dope… however look toward the TA-1A (Turning Aparatus 1 -Aluminum)! Other places have the Rec Rev Delrin version called the TA-1S. As for colorways… dont know at all!


Anybody know if there will be another run of facades?

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I dont think Alex is planning on making another run of facades. He has been working on new stuff for a while that is starting to get released. Some of his new yoyos are the @(made for 3a apparently really good too), delrin Freq. Wav, a new run of octave 1, and the sine//saw.


Yeah, the @ looks really cool. I’m really interested to see some of the new RecRev stuff, they make great jojos.


I wish there was a better way to communicate with them. Do they have a website?


I don’t think so, but you can contact the owner on Facebook. His name is Alex Kim.


I see him every once in a while.


Anyone interested in a bad rep light? Cuz i got one for trade!
(Not to sound annoying)

Im really liking recrev lately