So I saw the Facade yoyo when it came out to yoyoexpert. Seemed pretty cool and looked like it was great for your money. But when I had my tutor over to quiz me on vocab terms, you will NOT believe what facade means. It’s not innapropriate or anything, just funny and stupid. So, it means:

The front of a building that looks onto a street or open space.
An outward appearance that is maintained to conceal a less pleasant or creditable reality.

A yoyo that’s the front of a building, or a yoyo that looks good on the outside but sucks on the inside. I’m not saying bad things about RecRev, but they should look up the definition of a word before giving it to a yoyo.

I’m sure Alex Kim knows what the word means. I mean, sometimes it’s not even about the definition of the world. It’s just…the use of the word itself.

I’m pretty sure you didn’t pick up an Avalanche and expect a large mass of snow/ice sliding down a mountainside. Or picked up a Supernova and checked the outer space with a telescope if a star exploded.

It’s just a name. No need to OMG RECREV FAIL!!!1111111111ONEONEONEONE1eleven over it.



Names can be total nonsense too.

Although I do question why they call a yoyo the “mangaroo”

Sometimes, don’t judge a book by it’s cover.

Similarly, don’t judge a throw by it’s name. I mean, the GSquared Albatross. The Albatross is a big, clumsy bird(while on land anyways). Yet, the yoyo is an amazing player.

A friend has a Facade he got at BAC. I wish I had gotten one. It’s an amazing player. Don’t judge the looks. It’s got an unconventional profile with the cut in it, but it’s all player!

BTW, I have TWO of the RecRev Sharps and they are NOT sharp. I’ve never once cut myself. Another fail? No, not at all! They are sweet!

It has more than one meaning you know, lol.

I was going to compile a big fat list of yoyos that have comparable names, but screw it. This is silly.

I have friends who are architects and the word “Facade” is constantly falling out of their mouths. Words can have more non-traditional or non-dictionary use, especially today. Think of all the words we use daily that are not even close to their meaning.

Facade according to my architect friends is simply used to describe something that looks pleasant such as the “wall’s facade” the “buildings facade” stuff like that. Not all words have to stick to their technical use. I’m sure RecRev considered the name before using it.

What I’m trying to figure out…SCLB…Style Council Lunch Break? Oh well, is a great throw regardless of its strange name, and its name is very fitting for lunch break throwing sessions :slight_smile:

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So I guess that means all of CLYW’s yoyos (Chief, Sasquatch, Bassalope, Arctic Circle, Gnarwhal, etc.) are either Native American leaders, a geographic location, or fantastical creatures that would either kill you, or sing an annoying song about Gnarwhals.

Did someone say annoying songs about gnarwals?

You’re welcome!

I’m pretty sure I just found my new favorite song!

If I ever get a CLYW Gnarwhal, once it arrives I will run around my house singing this song.

I use it to counter “It’s a Small World” when I go to Disney parks.

That song is awesome! ;D

I have always wondered about certain companies naming their product and the influence from where it is from.

I know recently Onedrop named the “Cascade” due to the mountainous region.

Bapezilla and Viszilla are from influence of brands of clothing companies out in Japan.

BSP…well…those initials are swear words apparently that I can’t say on Expert.

We should look more into this.


A facade is also a problem, or epidemic, or commotion. Yea, Boom!

In other words, forget about the name and enjoy the yo-yo. There are tricks out there with strange names too coughsoiledpanties Just have fun

Look up “Albatross” on urban dictionary. Do it.

enigma-A person or thing that is mysterious, puzzling, or difficult to understand

lunatic -Mentally ill

Drop Bear- A giant, carnivorous, koala from Australian legend that drops out of trees onto it’s prey (typically large mammals like humans)


  1. (in biblical use) A sea monster, identified in different passages with the whale and the crocodile, and with the Devil.
  2. A very large aquatic creature, esp. a whale.

Poo- I don’t think I need to define this.

Sky Walker- the last name of a character from star wars

burnside - this guy:

quark- Any of a number of subatomic particles carrying a fractional electric charge, postulated as building blocks of the hadrons.

Do I have to continue?

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