(Recovery Yoyo Initiative) I need some feedback please

This is something I’m working on. Who better to bounce it off of than you guys.
Please let me know what you think or if you have any suggestions please comment.

Hello (YoYo manufacture/ Duncan/Yoyo Factory/ Yoyoexpert/ Whoever can help make this happen/ etc.)

My name is Jason Roberts and I work for a Recovery Community Organization in Forsyth County Georgia. We are a non-profit 501©3 that provides peer recovery and support services, at no charge to anyone who is seeking a life in recovery. Our mission is to empower recovery and our vision is to destigmatize and educate in an effort to unify all communities. We feel that the Yoyo offers therapeutic relief to people in recovery that might otherwise succumb to temptations to drink or use. It is a great tool for self-care and a way to manage time in a fun friendly way. I know this from my own personal experience.
Learning to Yoyo helped keep me sober in early recovery and is a daily part of my life now. I want to share that experience with others in hopes of it doing the same for them. We would like to possibly put our logo on one of your beginner Yoyo’s and give it away to people in recovery to get them spinning in a positive direction. I know that the Yoyo can be a lifesaving tool to distract people in recovery from the struggles of early sobriety. There is nothing as fulfilling as a hobby/Skill that can grow with them the way Throwing does.

There are 25 million people in America struggling with substance abuse disorders.

Please help us help them and let’s get some Yoyo newcomers!!

let us know if your interested in helping us and Please advise as to what our next step should be?


Heck yeah man, this is amazing and I wish you the best!


Sounds great. Yoyo Factory put the Zipline logo on the Spinstars sold in their store. YYF is probably the best company to approach.


Might be worth reaching out to YoYoExpert here as well (@YoYoExpertGarrett @AndreBoulay)…though I don’t think they can help you with a personalized yoyo, they have helped people put together and organize groups around the country!


I would contact yoyofactory. They make many different kinds of personalized yoyos.



Whoa!! @YoYoExpertGarrett @AndreBoulay Anyway possible to implement this program to what we are trying to do ?
Thanks @twitch77


Yeah. We would be happy to help through this. It sounds like a great mission!

Send me a direct message here maybe and we can discuss your timeline?



I’d love some updates on how things go for you in your future @jsn!


Absolutely @twitch77 I lOVE ALL YOU GUYS!!! Honestly, Throwing helped save my life and I KNOW it can help save more. It’s all about OUTREACH and COMMUNITY!


Hello @AndreBoulay
I’m ecstatic that you are interested in what we are trying to put together. We don’t really have a timeline due to the whole Covid19. But we are very excited about this idea and it is definitely going to happen.
Any input would be greatly appreciated. What would really help out at this point is some advice.
Should I reach out to YoYofactory or Duncan or is this something YoYoExpert can handle in-house with the program I just read about?


I think YYF and Andre are more hands-on in the community but reaching out just to see is a very good idea. It can never hurt.


I am a Credentialed Alcohol Substance Abuse Counselor (CASAC) with an Associate degree in Substance Abuse Counseling here in upstate New York., currently working in a Supportive Living program.
Congratulations on remaining abstinent for however long you have!

I recently introduced one of my clients to yoyo play, he is thrilled with it. I could write on and on about making healthy choices and how recovery is a lifestyle and how addiction is a disease needing a lifetime of attention.

Yoyo play is definitely a healthy choice and if people were to see a person in recovery making a healthy choice it might help release the many stigmas attached to addiction.


Thank you, that is awesome!!


Just a little update we are working with YoYoFactory and we are probably going to go with the spinstar.
I will keep you guys updated with the progress.


bravo man… great work for your community. :grin:


Awesome! :smiley: Looking forward to further updates!


This is absolutely amazing. My brother passed from a heroin overdose 9 years ago next month, and I wish he had the kind of help and understanding your organization provides.


I’m so sorry to hear that Tyler. Substance abuse disorders are an epidemic in this country. Things are getting better though as far as resources. When I first reached out for help there wasn’t any unless you had 2k per week to spend on treatment and what person struggling just to get by can come up with that. But more and more people are realizing that recovery is a real thing and are supporting grass roots recovery community organizations. Thank you all for your kind words and support. It really means so much.


There’s still those “addiction is a choice” people out there, who I try not to judge, they just have probably never dealt with addiction up close and personal. More and more people are understanding it’s not only a disease, but as you said, an epidemic in this country. The world needs more good people like yourself in it.