Recommened me a yoyo please!

Give me full sized, heavy, rim weighted h shaped BRICKS! I really dig the extreme rim weight thing.

Think similar to a super g or mvp (and mvp 2)

Two that come to my mind are:

CLYW Glacier Express

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the GE is ok, not too interested in buying one
EDIT: i dont dig that D bearing :frowning:

H spin envy, c3 bth( for lols), yyj yoyos

ive been looking at the 3yo3 accent and volume, what do you guys think about that?

duh anything from 3yo3 is awesome but have you think about their new yoyo the al5


Im now craving a vlume BIG TIME! I dont have a delrin in my collection

If your still looking for a heavy H shape. Look no farther than the al7 series Nessie.

But the volume is a great yoyo as well, just not heavy.

The Sasquatch is a super stable brick, but is quite nimble, especially for its weight. Fast for its weight too, though not fast compared to lighter throws. It is semi H, but mostly V shaped.

What you you guys say about the code 1 and dang? is it any similar to my favs?

The Fury have a metric KMK bearing. Its really just a tad smaller in diameter. You wouldn’t know there was a metric unless somebody told you.

SY-001 Stealth Ogre

God tricks Cyclone.

tp outsider if you want a brick that plays

I have the ILYY Fury and it really is great. It kind of sucks that I can’t use my c bearings in it, but the stock bearing is really good. It plays heavy and is a really comfortable h shape. Consider it at least because it tends to be sold for less than it should (I got mine for 55)

CLYW: Glacier Express, Cliff.

YYF: MVP2 G-Funk Super G Avant Garde G5 ( if you can find one) and the Genesis.

What you you guys say about the code 1 and dang? is it any similar to my favs?

You have to decide. Get your favorites and go to shop and look at the Dang and Code 1 and compare.

Well i know how they look like and i know the specs, what i dont know however is how they play :frowning:

If you have tried a OneDrop before, then all you know is that you won’t be disappointed. I like the Code 1 with ultralights.