Recommended "Best" Undersized Yo-Yo 2018?

(Mathias) #22

Negative, and affirmative?

From how I understand it they are experimental designs. One and done run type deals.

The CF003 is oh so so good. But Jake is sticking to the Case File series’ plan of “one run and done, no mas.”

(Mark Walker) #23

Anyone have thoughts or experience with the Throw Cafe Espresso?


DotE1NS is a new bimetal from ILYY


Remember ‘best’ is always subjective

(Brian Datz) #25

I vote Crucible followed by Siren v2 – I really don’t go much smaller than those two, but they’re both great. Siren is a very solid throw and the Crucible is… amazing. I’m not sure the Crucible has any right spinning as well as it does at that weight, but I’m not complaining. Kudos to Smashing on that release.

EDIT: So the Crucible is ~54mm, so it may be too big to include here.


Well yeah and siren is 53mm diameter so very much on the edge of the “throwback” category of 50-53mm :wink:

(Brian Datz) #27

Yeaaaah true. I guess you can see where I stand on the “undersized” category haha.


Well, @batracTheLooper doesn’t consider anything 50mm or over undersized at all, so… ask him about it :wink:

Personally I am willing to say 50-53mm is “throwback” undersized style 2003-2008-ish, but above that it’s definitely just a regular yo-yo :grimacing:

(Brian Datz) #29

Yeah, I trust whatever @batracTheLooper says re: undersized haha. I’ve ready many of their posts and replies ranking undersized throws over the past year or so

(YoYoStringLab) #30

Just picked one up based on your recommendation, and Wow! you weren’t kidding. Love the way this thing plays. It also feels great, and the ten year anniversary black edition is pretty cool as well.