Looking for an aesthetically pleasing responsive metal yoyo for a beginner enthusiast. Larger and wider would be my preference. I have a V3, but I am not really crazy about the look. I am teaching myself from videos and the longer I am motivated to work on it, the better. Thanks. And if this is really stupid and annoying, please forgive me.

Yotricks Origen comes to mind. Comes responsive out of the box.


I’ll 2nd the Origen. Not too expensive either. Nice and responsive with a great shape and feel to it. Also lighter and much smoother than the V3.


Thanks. Affordable, too.

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Thanks. Very helpful. I did it.


Yeah I would say weekender takes the cake for wide responsive fun yoyo with rbc being right there but thinner. The thing is a fun plastic responsive. All of those are expensive and hard to find.

Origen probably is the most available yoyo in this range while still being pretty fun.

Then you start sliding into either wood throws, cheap china made mono metal or plastic that can go responsive or unresponsive or looking for older yo-yos on the bay or BST.

The Origen arrived yesterday and I love it. Improvement is gradual, but I am beginning to learn what I am doing wrong and improving. With the Origen, I can see myself learning faster and can actually envision the day when I can start learning tricks. This is such a GREAT place, and everyone is so helpful. Thanks!