Recommendations for a new yoyo

I have about $65 I can spend on a yoyo. I was thinking about getting a raptor and a psg, a dv888 and a psg, a magic yoyo n9 and a psg, or a yuuksta.
What do you think is the best option?
I like undersized yoyos an my current throw is a di base.

Add in a MagicYoYo N8 or N6 in this option. That makes the total about $55.


Depending on where you buy the Magic yoyos from, yeah, that’s a great bit of recommendation there. Lots of variety.

Thanks, I have decided to get the n6 and the Duncan raptor.
Which do u like better the triple crown edition or the regular colors?

I’m not super into special editions unless it has a color I want. For example, I really wanted the DiBase in either clear metal or blue. However, at CalStates, they had bronze, which was another acceptable color and it looked great.

For the N6, I have chosen blue or silver/metal for my color choices. For a Raptor, blue, with bronze being a second choice.

For the Raptor, I have to say, the Triple Crown color looks nice and doesn’t cost anything extra. If you want to “dare to be rare”, go for it. It will be a bit lighter since it lacks caps though, but that might not be a big deal. I’m not really into that share of red but I would be tempted to get that one myself.

Thanks I think I am going to get the blue one.