Recommendation Please

I need a to know a yoyo that fits my preferences.
Price- Max of $50
Size- Undersized, but can be medium
Weight- 65-67 grams
Response- Anything except hybrid and starturst
Shape- doesn’t matter
Bearing Size- Preferably size C
Thanks. :wink:

The ProtoStar is the best I can think of. It’s not undersized, but besides that, I think you will love it. :wink:

protostar, hes right i have it and it is real good.

Atmosphere. :slight_smile:

It’s undersized and it’s awesome.

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I already have the Protostar so yeah thanks for posting.

I was about to say that, but it doesn’t match his weight preference, and he said it’s OK if it’s medium sized.

I had an Atmosphere, but I didn’t really like it. I am seeing that suggested a lot though. I wonder if mine was just messed up?

But I mean… does it matter? He might actually like the weight… His preference might change by throwing it…

Yeah… maybe it was just messed up… Clean the bearing? Check the bearing seat? Yeah…


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for about $10 more, get a fundametal. all of them seem to fit well, because they are all similar sizes (small) and weights. just different shape.

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