this will probably get moved, but i cant find the recomendations section. maybe im blind or something…


under the $100 mark.
im thinking bi metal. umm rave, iyoyo steel and the superstar 2016.
or monometal like shutter or horizon?

fast playstyle.

get ready, set, discuss.

There’s a lot of yo-yo’s out there right now under $100 that can play “fast”. More information into your play style/ what you’re looking for would help someone else guide you in the right direction.

Yoyos off my BST :wink: lol

I personally don’t find the superstar to be a very fast throw. It can go fast, but not particularly fast off the go.

Also, the shift is under $100 and is a bimetal…

Nightmare is great. Light on the string, stable and go fast if you want it to. It’s at $100 though…