fast metal

(Marvin.D) #1

i need a fast metal any suggestion

and as in fast i mean fast play

(SR) #2

What do you mean by a “fast” metal? If you just mean “I need a Metal,” I can help you. Do you like undersized or normal sized yo-yo’s? Angular or rounded? If you wanted something cheap, go for the fundaMETAL line from YYF. Be more specific…


if by fast you mean one good for speed, then i would look at the skyline.
it has good speed and is loved by many.


probally a skyline because its mutch liter than most metals


I really don’t think the Superstar is good for speedy play.

I suggest an M1, Frantic, Skyline, or BOSS for fast play. But speed will depend more on you, not the yoyo.


oops. i was thinking skyline but looking at superstars today. they are just so purdy.

(Mitch) #7

There ya go… a nice F.A.S.T. Metal…

ANY metal can be fast…

Mickey can make the Meteor fly

Augie makes yoyos like 401K (another F.A.S.T.), G5, GM2, BOSS and othere blurr…

John Ando is pretty quick with that Supa Star…

So its really about getting a yoyo you like and playing fast