Recess problems

Hey guys, I pad recessed a new FHZ today with .555 dif pads. However, I went a little too deep, making binds slippy. Any ideas of something to use as a sort of shim to bring the pad up to flush?


You could take out the pads and recess it with RTV silicon. I think you want the pads though.

Hmm, I have no responsibility to what happens to your yoyo but, i would take a little bit of thin super glue. Like the glue is very liquidy; almost like water. Put sum into the recess and let it dry throughly over night. Put the pads back in and it should be raised. I haven’t tried it, though. If i had this problem, thats what I would do.

Hope you solve your problem!

Since you can recess, the best way is epoxy. Get you some 5 minute epoxy, mix it like it says and fill it either to where you want it or fill it up and re-recess it. I’ve practically coined the epoxy mod with my supafly’s. I take a profly, fill in the transaxle recess since it’s much bigger than the bearing and spacer I use (duncan). Then I cut it to where the duncan bearing spacer fits and viola.

Trust me on this.