fixing a poorly done silicone recess on a fhz?

was handed a freehand zero in a trade that had one of the ugliest silicone recesses done that I’ve ever seen. I’ve just been bored and broke and I feel like it would be a fun project to redo the recess. Is there any material, say like a glue or epoxy of some sort I can fill the groove up with that would sandable after it dried, so that I can cut a new silicone recess in? I figured this would be the best way, but I am not sure what product I would use to do that.

Also, the hubs are stripped… not cracked or anything though. How would I go about making it so these can hold the nut and bolt In a fixed position?

To fix the hubs you could put the nut and bolt in and fill in with epoxy. It should hold there. Not sure it would hold in the recess though but it’s probably worth a try. Scuffing or scratching up the recess will help the epoxy stick better. Rather than generic epoxy, I would go with JB Weld (long cure) for both applications, it tends to stick to things better.

Hub mod! Cut the hub out and put in another one haha