reccomend: good for horizontal, long sleep time, sweet competitor!

I need some help for a birthday throw!
I’m looking for something under 100 that’s good for horizontal, has some sweet sleep time, and is just overall a good competition throw.
I was thinking a 3yo3 al5. Or a combo of a Di base 2 and a token.

Any thoughts guys?

Most c3 throws(ie solar) are design for horizontal. Phenom(139$) or phenomizm(71$) by yyj is good,or fry yoyoofficer if you want horizontal get a aura.But In conclusion any v shape is design for horizontal yoyoing

Supernova and you’re done

something’s The V

There’s alot of good stuff; basically anything with a low gap wall, usually sharp v shape gap, and rim weight is good. :slight_smile: