Really quick question about mystery box and shopping cart (on YYE obviously)


Yup so I’m going to try to order a mystery box but I’m not really sure when the order has definitely been placed. Is the order placed when I add the mystery box to my shopping cart or is it after I’ve paid? Thanks ;D


After it’s been paid.


After you pay. Like when you go to the supermarket, you don’t own it 'till you pay. :wink:


Will there be a link to the box eventually? And what time zone does YYE use?


It will be in the shop, like any other item. On the time zone, I’m not sure. Just watch the countdown on thanksgiving night.


YYE is EST which is GMT-5


That doesn’t seem to be exactly right, at least if you’re using the Paypal link to pay.

On two occasions, I’ve been in a 10pm buying frenzy for a new throw (most recently the new Avalanche), and the site crapped out while trying to link me to Paypal. So, I went back to the Avalanche page again and tried to order another. The site threw up a warning code and said I couldn’t place the order for 10 minutes because I had an order still processing. I was angry.

So, I popped over to my account and saw that I actually had an order number for the Avalanche, but it was listed as unpaid. As I found out there was no way to pay for this order anymore, and I was able to buy another after 10 minutes had passed.

Contacted Andre later to let him know that I had this order on my account and that he could delete it, and when he did so, it released an Avalanche back into stock. So, it was being held without payment.


I had that happen at some buying frenzy. I forget what it was I was trying to get. I’m trying to recall my first “YYE CLYW Drop Frenzy” score.

The difference I had was I clearly had an order number now, so I contact YYE and a few days later we took care of the Paypal arrangements. I think it was the Arctic Circle.


I think I probably could have done that, but I was in the hunt for a Red Moss Ava or bust. I could tell by the hype thread they were going to go fast so I couldn’t risk it!

It did turn out to be the fastest selling colorway and on the upside, someone got lucky and snagged the one being held by me hours after they had been at 0 stock.


That was a pretty colorway. Yeah, that one was worth going all or nothing for, preferably ending in a result of “all”. I ended up with a Foxy Moss since plenty were available many days after they dropped. I gotta say that even though green isn’t really my color, I am liking the looks of this.

I’ve been trying to mix up my colorways from CLYW. I’m hoping the Cliff comes in Northern Lights.


How many mystery boxes are there going to be?


I’m wondering the exact same. I’m waiting for official info, whenever we’ll get that.

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Soooo, so many questions regarding the mystery box! I’d answer all your questions but then it just wouldn’t be a mystery, would it? :wink: (Of course it’s all a mystery to me as well)


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