Re-hubbed and stacked X-Con


Not sure if this is an X-Con or an X-Convict. Either way, I got it in with a bunch of modder fodder I got in a trade a long time ago. Hub completely missing on both sides, so not exactly sure what happened there :slight_smile:

Anyway, I bored it out and machined in a piece of 1/2" delrin. I then bored the delrin out and machined in a 3/8" piece of aluminum. Cut the bearing seat, .555 pad recessed it and cut hubstacks. Voila! Smooth as butter on the string, with a slight stack vibe.

The tops of the stacks sit just below the level of the rims.

(Mi) #2

O: Pretty.


Looks really good. I always like to see your mods, they are very well done.


Awesomness. :slight_smile:


looks great man


Wow how do you only get slight vibe? once i tryed gluing bayblade weight rings on a yoyo. the vibe was ENORMAS! like so big i misspelled enormous!

(JosephP) #7

It’s beautiful.


I wasn’t expecting it to, but it has become one of my main throws! It just feels like this yoyo was born to have stacks!


yummy… .555 i-Pads?


Good eye, Leo! .555 iPads indeed!


if its undersized it is. big yoyos would be hard to grab the stacks on.


Why thank you. Good choice too. Did you increase the gap by any chance?