RCS Show Pony

Anyone have one? How do you like it? What would you compare it to as far as catch/string feel?

I love mine. Super big, fast playing organic. Very stable despite the shape. Not sure what I’d compare it to, but its really smooth on and coming off the string. The minor response bump helps a lot with that. Catch is super comfy, its so round lol


I got one up on the Facebook BST. I really liked it, was my favorite amongst my collection for a really long time! Big, comfy, dare I say airy; A mighty fine casual throw indeed. Not sure if I’m qualified to comment on string feel (only two years into the hobby, still figuring out a whole lot), though if I had to describe it the Show Pony leans floaty though not fast and zippy. Binds are snug as a bug in a rug with my regular sized poly string.

At the time of writing this, my Show Pony is still up for sale if you or anyone else may be interested.


Love mine, fairly floaty and light, it’s one of the most “pure” organics I own. If you get it new, it comes with a ton of goodies as well. It’s a super fun no-frills organic!