Razor scooters making a yoyo?!?

And Wal-Mart won’t buy it because they don’t see them as profitable for them. Haven’t you ever demonstrated yoyos? Hasn’t anyone seemed shocked that your yoyo is expensive? That’s how the general non-yoyoing public is - they’re not going to want to spend $100 on a yoyo they see in Wal-Mart one random day when they walk in. We want stores like Wal-Mart and Toys R Us to stock beginner yoyos, because they would be essential to a boom. Who would go into Toys r us and buy an 888 on a whim?

Me. Lol. It’s true though. If a parent sees some yoyos then they think “Oh hey that looks cool. Maybe my son/daughter will like it.” Then they see the $100 yoyo and think “Oh my. I don’t want him/her getting started on this if he’s going to make me spend that much money.”

All I k now is that at Tons of Toys in Wyckoff, N.J., their selling 888’s, G5’s, and all the duncan high end yoyos thanks to laxdude99

Well, I think we all agree that Razor selling more affordable throws in lots of stores is good. Whether or not they are amazing is irrelevant. They will be put out there and kids will get them. They will youtube yoyo vids and they will see US.

Then they will want to BE like us (as well they should, for we are awesome 8)) and then will search out better throws. YYJ and YYF and the rest will be approached by the toy giants and the people will get a taste for good throws.

We can be the biggest driving force of any boom by just doing what we do- throwing yos. Everywhere and any where- we throw.

You know- what we do already anyway. ;D

Thus cometh the boom of Yo.


i think this is it

Yes, that is it. I think it is a good idea but they are just not that great.  They are pretty skinny and would be more of a novelty through.  I got to talk to the guy responsible for them and they will be only $20.  I was told that they are eventually going to make one more like a dv888 and it would be around $60.  He said that they were going to sell the cheaper one first though.

Yoyos are extremely overpriced in my opinion. 65 dollars for an aluminum ball that dimensions aren’t even over 2 inches. This is good probably bad for Andre, he will be out of a business

You seem to not take into account the cost for prototyping, machine time, money for the company (the designer would like to make a dollar or two), and retail mark-up.

Dude aluminum is extremely cheap at this time. Aluminum is currently not over a dollar a pound, and we all know that a yoyo doesnt weigh a pound haha. Buying bearings in bulk also lowers them considerably, you can buy bulk bearings on ebay for very cheap. And when a company buys them in the thousands at a time it gets lower. I also think that a company that doesnt just mass produce a yoyo and makes it exclusive can get more business as is the case with General-Yo and RecRev now everybody that yoyos practically wants what they offer. Just my 2 cents though.

The funny thing is that you have a DV888…

Yeah, its just why so much.

a.) zombies, stingers, etc. were all around during the last boom, put out by small minds, which is run by the same group that puts out razor scooters.
b.) said yo-yo’s were BARELY mediocre, even ten years ago.
c.) maybe they’ll put out something that plays, maybe they won’t… but here’s the deal. during the past ten years, WITHOUT a boom, a few companies have worked their butts off to keep yo-yoing moving forward. they’ve worked to SUPPORT the community by sponsoring contests and events. they’ve worked with the online stores, which of course, provide everyone with the forums that propel the community. companies like yyf, clyw, spyy, yoyojam, and even duncan (to some extent) are run by individuals who have BEEN THERE FOR YOU, whether you’ve realized it or not. ‘razor’ admits in its press release that they see an opportunity in a coming boom and they want to cash in. these are the same people who, immediately before running for the hills a decade ago, flooded the market with crap that took stores a decade to sell at a loss - you can STILL find zombies online!

IF and WHEN there is a boom, are you going to support the companies who bring huge numbers of cheap product to market in order to turn a profit? or are you going to continue to support the companies who have been there in the trenches with you - the ones who are RUN by yo-yoers, and who continued to believe in yo-yoing even when the last boom up and died?


Ed… You know your my hero right?

Ed you are the man, Nuff said.
very well put, I know for a fact I am not wasting my money on this stuff.
There is no way any of these yoyos will compare to the quality of the brands YYE sells.

Razor is the next yomega. Selling us crap we don’t want.

As far as I’m concerned, if they want to cash in with their cheapy goods then let them. It will start the boom that the community could use, and as long as we, the YO-YO COMMUNITY, push the people that join in on this boom to go for the brands that should be supported (CLYW,YYF,YYJ, smaller brands, etc.) then Razor and other gold digger companies are doomed anyway. The cheap-o products they throw out to us will be paperweights once people discover the true yo-yo brands. If people are joining to stay, they won’t care if they spend $100 on a great yo-yo. I know i don’t. The only people that will are the people that are just in it to be fad-followers and why would we want them to go and make our beloved past time a joke like that?

I’m with Ed. Any cheap-o rip off brand will not be joining my collection.

I think it could sort of go both ways. It is true that we all want to support the companies who busted their butts to stay running when things were slow, but with something like what Razor is doing, they bring the product to the front line, face to face with prospective yo-yoing fanatics. By offering an admittedly cheap product such as these to newcomers, they could either a) be inspired to continue with their newfound hobby and eventually find sites like this one like others have said, or b) be completely turned off by them and think that all yo-yos are junky throwaway toys. I admit that I was a mixture of both. As a product of the first boom, I had a few low end Duncans, some Yomegas, and a ProYo. 10 years later I decided to pick it back up thinking I was going to get another awesome Yomega. One thing led to another and now I belong to 3 forums (though I’m much more active on this one than the other ones), I have 6 high end metals, I’ve thrown every day for almost a year now, and my collection continues to steadily grow.

Anyway, moral of the story is, let’s hope that more people go along the lines of option a. And let’s also be thankful that at least something will get yo-yoing more exposure, and hopefully lead to more dedicated throwers who will support our much beloved YYF, CLYW, etc. Point is, I don’t think anyone who gets into it will remain loyal to their Razor brand yo-yos :stuck_out_tongue:

all i know is if they make a $20 metal i’ll get it ;D

This is exactly what I’ve been trying to formulate in my head, you just said it way better ;D. I personally like how small the yo-yoing enthusiast community currently is. I feel like it’s at a level that causes a tight feeling of community and brotherhood between us that seems to get lost when much more people begin to be introduced into the mix. If there is to be a boom, that would be great as the companies we love would inevitably begin to receive more support. But for me, I feel like a boom could bring in fad followers, “e-jerks” :stuck_out_tongue: and forum trolls, and higher prices (supply and demand: econ 101). And who knows, I could be way off on all of these points - just my gut feeling.