Razor scooters making a yoyo?!?

I read a press release from the NY toy fair that Razor is seeing a massive up-trend in yo-yos and they are jumping on the band wagon. I guess they are going to produce cheap aluminum throws and mass produce them.

I think this is both a good and a bad thing. First good ‘cause a huge international toy company like Razor pumping out yos will definitely put a spotlight back on our favorite lil’ spinning hobby. Lets face it- I love my Duncan but its so old school and you can only find the low end stuff in places like your local grocery stores. Next to the kidney beans is not a “mommy I want it” place for a toy. So woot major exposure for the yo.

Bad cause I’m afraid that because they are going to be cheaply mass produced (they say metal throws at under $20) that we’ll just see disillusioning of the masses because they are low quality and can’t do what the “youtubing” kids want to do.

So I guess we’ll just see. I’m hoping that this get some of our more reliable throws out in our local toy r us’s. What do you think? Be nice to see a YYF or dare I dream YoJam next to barbie or GI joe?

GI throw?

I have known of this. I was maybe going to be in the commercial. I also got to try the prototypes.

Well? How are they?

I think that I’ll have to pick one up no matter how bad it is… As long as it has a wheelie bar that is ;D

But really, I want to see what they come up with.

I think companies that don’t know quack about yoyos (razor? seriously?) shouldn’t bother making them. A low price + inexperience = disaster IMO

It’s nearly impossible to make a 20 metal yoyo. Their profit will only be like .05. and that’s if they don’t pay the guy to machine them and they must use the cheapest aluminum out there.

I would love to see pix of their prototype.

speeking of which http://www.yoyoskills.com/?p=3293

Please just put me down before these come out.
But then he thinks about these yoyos coming to little stores near me, then cheap-o YYJ, then not so cheap-o YYJ, then YYF, then CLYW, then he thinks why there are so many acronyms in yoying.

YYF and CLYW won’t stock their higher end products at stores like Wal-Mart, or Toys-R-Us. They just wouldn’t.

Anyway, I want to see them come out. The booms coming, and I want to be there to support it.

This would be cool, but they really don’t know what they’re doing. They said this on a yoyo blog:

There is a slight difference between string and looping trick yoyos.

I skimmed over that and read it wrong. But I don’t think they know what they’re doing if they’re trying to make more gold bearings.

Either way though, I hope to try them out to see what they’re like. It sounds like they’re making a big lineup right off the bat.

5.999 to 14.99 for an aircraft grade aluminum yoyo . . . sounds too good to be true . . . they should basically be paying us for a price like that

The yo-yos that they’re releasing were around during the time of the first boom. It appears they just bought the rights to them and are going to release them under the Razor name. I distinctly remember the yo-yos with the bugs in them. And the Zombie was a cheap aluminum yo-yo that was thrown out there just to try to capitalize on the popularity of the aluminum yo-yo.

I’m w/ you on this Samad, you wont see any high end products in stores just because they wont sell. YYF/YYJ/CLYW ect. will make more selling 100 $10 throws before they will sell that many $100 throws in a store like Walmart.

They are coming out around the end of March.

If they stock anything from YYJ and YYF it would be the plastics wouldnt it? Plus i just don’t see CLYW selling plastics…they make some of the finest metal yoyos around and so do YYF and YYJ but the metals will probably not be in the toys aisle at walmart. If the craze comes back then i’ll be waiting and like you said samad i will be there to support it!

Are you kidding me? If I had a line up like YYF I would do exactly what they are doing. Putting them in just about any store that will sell them. The reason walmart doesn’t sell them anymore is because YYF won’t cut the price to fit walmarts cheap a&%. (butt) The more stores the more money you make. That’s what business is all about. They aren’t really here for you. they are here to make a living. They just chose yoyo’s. Although they like their customers more than most businesses do. They can be more personal. That doesn’t mean they won’t sell to a crappy store.

A boy can wish, can’t he.

No! wishing is for loosers.


only losers spell losers wrong :’(