RAyoyos Chupacabra colorway by CLYW?

Was the pink and blue splash on the Chupacabra up for sale on “another store” done by CLYW? It looks uncannily similar to the new delrium dive colorway.
This is what I’m talking about.

CLYW does not do their own anodizing. They pick the colors but they are done by gruntbull.

This is a Cafe Racer colorway that One Drop did in the summer of 2011. Instead of blue they used purple though. There are so many companies using the same colors that it blurs the lines of what is what sometimes.

There’s only so many color combinations out there.

It is important to remember though that there is a difference between the colors Salmon, Coral, and Pink. If you say the wrong one, prepare to be corrected :stuck_out_tongue:

There are more options of ano than what most companies sell however. I mean, you can go look at Jason Wong’s ano thread and see stuff that I don’t think I’ve ever seen in a production line.

The kind of work Jason Wong Zero is often producing is very specific and due to the level of detail and care, it’s near impossible to to on a production scale. I’ve seen some of his work up close(as in, he’s handed some of it to me) and it’s nothing short of breath-taking the results he gets.

You’re over-specifying what I was saying. With the color options presented to everyone, there are bound to be overlaps and reoccurring combinations. Think within the realm of reason, here. Not everyone checks everything available and makes the decision to offer salmon because Company X claimed pink. If absolutely 100% unique and untouched colorways were a chief priority we’d hardly get anywhere before realizing that it’s a pointless and inevitably dead-ended endeavor.

I read on Instagram one day, posted by the maker of the Chupacabra, that it is similar, but the blues on clyw and the Chupacabra are different.

Hard to tell there are so many!

The blue is different. The Chupacabra is a bit darker.

There are not that many colors in our rainbow.
I wasn’t intending to copy the “Delerium Dive” colorway. It just happened that they came out around a similar time, and look very similar.
Colors are the worst part about creating yoyos.

Either way it doesn’t matter. Nobody is gonna get a patient for a colorway. That’s like saying OneDrop wants to patent the solid blue color for their yoyos. It’s not gonna happen, colorways can be used anywhere, any yoyo, anytime. They look great on different throws :wink:

That’s why you should do solids and half/half…