Raspberry Pi

I just ordered my first Pi and am pretty excited about trying it out. Anyone got any suggestions or reviews of performance? I have two plans for it - first to use it as a basic programming shell, I have plenty of python experience and plan to continue playing, but also I’d like to try and use it to interface with some basic electronic equipment eg. motors and power supplies. Any favorite programs for OS or useful installations? I think at some point I’m going to try my own Gentoo or LFS build on it. Does anyone have experience of such things?

Thanks in advance!

I like pie too.

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My dad has a raspberry pi. I use it too lots of fun we got ours to play minecraft on it but that was hard to do. My dad also hooks it up to a giant screen as well as a keyboard and mouse and it’s real interesting. My dad also says a raspberry pi is meant to train you to program stuff for an idea. Some stuff we like doing with it is programing games. the raspberry pi is basically a stupid computer. (when I mean stupid its not offensive i am just trying to describe how it acts) give me a pm if you want to hear more from my dad and more info on the raspberry pi.

I’ve installed arch but never gentoo… I don’t really have much to say about that specifically. I’ve been meaning to get one for awhile now. What I would probably do is use it for projects using arduino boards or something similar I’ve made.

I have a buddy that uses RasBMC which is a raspberry pi version of XBMC and retrieves his TV shows music etc from his server. It is quite the device even if you just use it as a small multi-media center.

Oh, and we built lego cases for both of them. It was awesome.

Yeah, I’m not sure I particularly want to use it for media usage, only because wretched netflix enforces a windows policy, but the lego case thing sounds excellent! I have some experience with gentoo, so it’ll just be a case of working out how to get it to support all the hardware. I ordered a wifi card for it as well, so hopefully that’ll make it more useful. Quite excited now to see what I can do with it! Thanks for the messages thus far…