Rare Yoyos?

Are any of these yo-yos you would consider as “rare” or valuable? I stopped yoyoing for a while trying to get back from it and i wanna be active again in the forum/community. And i see that the community have change so i wanna see if so did the value of my yoyos.

Vs Newton Flying hut
YYR Gleipnir
YYR Sleipnir 09
YYR Overdrive some sort of blasting
YYR Dreagnought

Idk if the Vs Newton is rare or sought-after, I know the Skywalker is tho :smiley:

The YYR Overdrive with blast is pretty rare as not many YYRs are blasted. You could probably get a little more from it than the usual Overdrive.

Gleipnir isn’t rare or that sought-after, you could probably get a nice deal for the Sleipnir. Nothing like a peak or anything tho. Dreadnought isn’t rare or that sought-after.

None of them are particularly rare, but they are YYR, so they are quite nice competition throws that are easily tradeable. Except the Flying Hut. Quite rare, as they never reached production after the charity fiasco. You could trade big for it or sell for a nice wad of cash.

The hut is the rarest as already stated. I am digging that Gleipnir if you ever want to trade it let me know…

I have a Yoyo rare in the USA and generally rare to find anywhere outside of the Czech republic it’s a barely legal unicorn it’s a B-grade but I could care less because I doubt anyone other than bina on the forums would have one other than me. That and I also have a B-grade torrent 2 but that isn’t exactly rare.

Actually, that blast probably makes the Overdrive less valuable. It looks like the kind of blast that someone like mullicabob would do, not YYR themselves. It drastically changes the condition the yoyo was bought in.