Rare, Good Throws

What are some yoyos that are not common (or rare if you would like to say that) that are underrated, well priced, and still available on YYE (or some other website like YYE)?

Also, how is the NOVA?

The NOVA is ok. VERY good, maybe wor it idk.

It takes an acquired taste, it has no attitude.

If you want ‘rare’, you’re going to have to look on the used market. If we’re talking uncommon, as in throws that are easy to find, but you don’t see often, I would like to recommend the X-Cube La Goutte. It’s a great yoyo, and while maybe lacking in spin times, it’s an absolute joy to play. Most yoyos from X-Cube seem to be awesome, yet uncommon.

ILYY has some great models that you don’t see in too many collections, my favorites being the Sakura SE and the Noctu. Other options include basically any throws from Spin Dynamics. They’re a very underrated company that produces some fine yoyos.

One yoyo that is at the top of my wants list is the Anti Yo Bapezilla.2. They’re still available on YYE, and I’ve heard nothing but good things about this–even Steve Brown says he loves it! I don’t see people with these too often. Personally though, I would buy this more for the Anti Yo lore than anything…

In conclusion, there are many great uncommon yoyos available here on YYE (many I have not mentioned), but as I stated earlier if you want rare (i.e. throws hard to find, such as an OG Peak, TiWalker, etc.), the BST is really your only option, or maybe waiting for the release of a ‘rare’ yoyo on YYE. I know the Oxygene Hyperions are coming here soon!

If you want something rare that USED to be on YYE, I’ve got an ILYY v1 Proto Nile for sale. :wink:

I would say ILYY is underrated. But have great throws.

If by ‘well-priced’, I assume you mean sub-$100. And that you want to buy the yoyo from a store.

Di Base 2, Capless, Strix, or Genesis. All (perhaps the Capless) are not talked about very much, but play great.

Genesis is talked about…

But, i think a few high end/60 range YYF’s are un common.

I mean, when did you last see someone with a Primo? I have never seen one…

I have a Genesis. It is really good.

It is actually talked about a lot.

Anything by spyy is awesome an underrated
The company has since gone out of business but there’s still ltos fo their throws up
1 purple black spyder 2 in stock
plenty of radian gen 2’s
1 gold with black splash punchline repeater
lots of ronins
1 gold/green addiction
lots of amplifiers
lots of orbitrons
lots of rancheros

I’d personall choose between the ranchero, addiction, ronin, punchline, or radian myself

There’s also the
monkeyfinger gelada
Something Angle
Oxy IO
Spin dynamics smooth move and flow

Also there’s one of my favorite companies C3 which has become pretty popular but I never see people with Glitters which are limited and under $100

They also have the capsule 2, trident, krown, berserker rx, and berserker

If I was tasked with buying one of the throws and seeing which one would retain it’s value the best I’d choose either the IO, Glitter or ranchero. I do think the ranchero would trade better but I think all 3 throws would end up reselling in the $80 range

El Ranchero is an amazing throw. It doesn’t try to be all things to all people, and it’s just amazing at what it does.

Been enjoying the living schnutz out of my Spin Dynamics Monkey Fist. I really like the Smooth Move, too; both very different yoyos. I think I’m a TINY bit more compelled by the Monkey Fist, though.

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C3 glitter. Seriously so underrated and hard to find, but amazing.

Anything Monkey Finger. So far I only have the Forte but it is so good. I have a Gelada on the way though. But the Glitter by C3 also looks great.

I’d say anything SPYY thy are no longer in business and what in stock is nice but are finite supply and that will be gone sooner or later.