RARE CLYW!!! Prototype YYFS!!!

offer on these. hard to get yoyos are the bvm, the genesis, the barracuda and the dietz. everything else is easier to get but nothing will go easy. I also have a Duncan Mayhem I’ll sell on its own for $20 shipped or as an add on to a purchase for $12.
Left to right, top to bottom (the stickers are at the top)
Dietz. nonmint
Barracuda. nonmint. smooth. gone.
Code 1. near mint. smooth.
Diffusion. near mint. smooth. gone.
Supernova LITE engraving proto. near mint. smooth.
Buckshot BvM. Mint and super smooth.
Engraving proto Luis Genesis. nonmint. vibes on grinds.
SPYY Pro. tinnnny vibe on grinds.

buy themmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. benchmark and gfunk together for $50 shipped.

lol mordo offered $85 for them all… sure. thanks nothanks. only serious offers please…

the 888 is pending!!!

I got literally no sleep last night. Not figuratively; I do know the proper use of the word unlike the rest of America and technology-land.

ooh i want a shu-ta and an OG superstar!

i need dollarz so offer.

offer and ill prolly sell. i want blakroc and attack and release lol

ill sell cheap i neeeeed $$$