Fs/ft: some yoyos for cheap (yyf 888gt, generalyo prototype, duncan monometals and gtr beta)

Selling a few yoyos I don’t use too often to fund other yoyos. Detailed pics here: http://imgur.com/a/GcwrSuU
Free shipping for all of them in the CONUS.

Duncan GTR Beta - $old - Very small amount of tiny pinpricks (barely noticeable because of the ano), slight fingernail vibe.

Yoyofactory 888GT - $old - Ano mark and a slightly visible scratch. Barely any, if any, vibe.

Generalyo Ministar Prototype - $45/35 if u buy it with the cheap duncan bundle - Slight vibe due to one of the rings not being flush, but not too noticeable.

Duncan Windrunner 6061 - $15 add on - Small ding in the catch zone (not feelable on catch), very small ano mark/scratch on the rims
Duncan Barracuda - $old add on/bundle with windrunner - Multiple pinpricks and a few dings and scratches, pretty beat. Slight string vibe.

also accepting trades if u have: Basecamp Pariah, SF SStatement or Statement, Unprld Sucction, Duncan Orbital GTX

Hey man, not sure if you saw my pm or not but I’m interested in the 888

sorry everyone for the late replies, I forgot to check back. I deeply apologize but the 888 is sold

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No problem, stuff happens

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bump, windrunner and ministar 2 proto still left, get both for $50

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