For Sale/Trade: NEW PRICES! Lots of Cheap Metals!, Echo, FHZ, etc..

For sale or trade!

YoYoFactory 888

Very dinged and the ano is a little faded. Great beater metal. 2008 edition

YoYoJam Axiom

Fairly dinged up, but still very fun to throw.

YoYoFactory Pre-production DV888

Banged up pretty hard, still plays like a champ! Only one side has the pre-production sticker on it, other side is bare. Watch out, this thing can hurt you.

YoYoJam Legacy

All white, the red coloring on the mirror caps has been wiped off. Sadly, there is not currently a response system set up on it, but that’s easily fixed.

Duncan Echo

Multiple dings along the rims, still plays pretty well.

Duncan 80th Anniversary FHZ

All white. $10

YoYoJam New Breed

Rims are a bit tarnished. $15

2 Duncan Hayabusas

Lightly damaged, as one would expect with offstring yo-yos. $10 each

More pictures at my Photobucket
My trader feedback from YYN:
More pictures upon request. Make offers. Peace.

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GM2 sold!

Clear Die is pending

Clear Die is gone, MayheM is pending



TFL is gone!

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