Need to pay my Medical Bills: WM2 $85 , YYF and more! NEED TO GO!

Discounts for multiples!

Hey guys, looking to unload all of the yoyos in the photo. Entertaining all offers. Cash is tight so I’m glad to make some deals. More pictures available upon request. sale 6-22-16 by Joseph Hudak, on Flickr

Ask for other combo deals!

Beat rims DM2 with no vibe $20 shipped CONUS
Delrin YYF Severe with the caps removed - red stains on the gap with minimal rim damage (takeshi die not included) $15

NM YYF ShaqlerStar $15 shipped CONUS
NM Prague Edition YYF Cypher $30 shipped CONUS
OD Yelets with purple UL - some small rim damage but still dead smooth $SOLD!
Solid Gold CLYW WM2 - minor pin pricks $85 shipped CONUS
Translucent Green YYR New Diffusion barely thrown (no rush to sell this one) $30 shipped CONUS

YYF Genesis+ (hubstacked) Miggy Edition - small scuffs and a tiny flat spot but dead smooth $45 shipped CONUS
Beat Duncan Strix - not much vibe $20 shipped CONUS
YYF 888x - small pin pricks and scuffs $35 shipped CONUS
Mint Yomega Glide (Won by Adam Brewster a Midwest Regionals last year) - small ano flaws but nothing noticable $30 shipped CONUS
Mint Gen Yo Prestige2 Final Run - barely thrown at all $SOLD!

Thanks for checking out my yoyos, have a great day!

how much for the duncan strix and the Genesis?

how much for the strix or genesis?

Condition of the 28s SAS? Do you have the box?


28 stories=GOAT If you need me to “take care” of anyone for you ill do it for that 28’s collection.

would you sell the takeshi dice individually?

Bring up my post!

Bump for good combo deals!


Still looking to sell that Yelets?

How much for the Indigo Scout

What is “minimal” damage on the delrin severe? How much vibe?