LF/FT: Catalyst, CLYW, CODE2, Dietz, Burnside

I am looking for yoyos from want list , in mint , very near mint condition , yoyos should be cheap .
I also can trade for something from my stuff.
If You have something i might be interested pleas send me offer on PM or mail whit photos and condition described

I don’t mind colours and versions, I just need tat yoyos:

Want List:
ILYY Noctu, Lynx
YYF Catalyst, Supernova
CLYW Sas, Gnar, Ava, Chief, Canvas
Onedrop CODE2 , Dietz, Burnside

My stuff:

you should list what the yoyos are becase we can’t really tell from the pictures

can you put a list up? cant tell from the pics :o