Rare 08 888 and Galactic Goose for sale. 80$ for each 150 for both! mint!

Im sellin a mint 08 888 raw and a galactic goose. Both are very rare and they are worth more than im selling them for.
Selling each for 80$ or both for 150$. Heres some pics on the 888 and Goose:

If you got a good trade hit me up! Just traded the goose. Only 888 remains!

they are not rare at all…
also you need pic and you cant put on the link of other store, its just rude

they are rare. Only 50 of the 08 888 raw were made and its also hard to find a galactic goose.
Its not rude if the yoyos arent in sell anymore and everyone knows that yoyonation exists. I just put those two links so eveyone can have a bit of info on them.

It is rude to put up the link of other forum. Yoyoexpert basically made this forum so you do not put link to other store. That goes for other yoyo forums too. Also galactic goose is not rare, you find tons of them on bst. Also you need the pic to sell items here, that is the rule. You need the real picture of the item that you are selling.

Agreed. Stock photos are not an acceptable representation of what you are selling.

A picture that you physically took I might add :wink:

Ok I’ll b putting up pics real soon…I will send you 5 gstrings for free when you buy any on these two yoyo’s…thank for the tips guys…once I put the pics up I’ll take the link off

there yA GO! 5 FREE G STRINGs!!

I thought you could link to another yoyo store if you are linking to a product they don’t sell. But whatever. The Galactic Goose and 08 888 are both very rare. Although I do know one store that still sells the Galactic Goose…


not THAT rare just harder to find then some :slight_smile:

They are still considered “rare”. I don’t want to get into a whole argument or anything, but let’s make this the end of the discussion. :wink: