Raptor vibe?


Is a bit of vibe normal on the raptor? I’m not used to having cheaper metal throws so I’m not sure if vibe is normal for the raptor.




Mine has a little vibe, but nothing that I have any concern over. Other than that, this is a fantastic no-frills deisgn, well worth the money and a great player.


Mine was smooth. Vibe happens. It’s a yoyo enhancement. :wink:


Mine only has a slight vibe with caps in. Smooth without.


Mine’s smooth personally. Only on a weird throw is there vibe…


Mine has a little vibe. Without caps, its vibe less on grinds, but when caps are in, its vibe less on the string, but heavy vibe on grinds.


yeah caps mess it up a little, just try to make sure the caps are perfectly flush to reduce vibe to a minimum


When the caps are IN there is absolutely no vibe, except for on Grinds.

That is what I was trying to say.


If it’s vibing on grinds, there is vibe, you just aren’t noticing it until you’re doing grinds.

In my opinion: ain’t nothing wrong with that in my book!


True, but I don’t own a raptor, just tried one.


My Raptor had a bent axle once, caused massive vibe, but in between the vibrations was this strange quality I can only describe as float. Now I fixed it and there is no more vibe or float… Which is good?