So two days mypackage arrived here. so far i really like the rally, With it i ordered a 10ball ondrop bearing, I got the 10ball in it right away, whn suddnly it became really noisy like something s stuck there, so i switched to the 8 ball and it was ok, so i contacted yoyoexpert and they told me the bearing need to break in and i hould just play with it and it be quiet again. so i played with it alot yesterday and today and ts still make the same noise and now it just became responsive…what can i do?


It needs some lube. Put less than 1 drop of V4M lube on one of the balls. Playing with it will work temporarily but in the long run the noise will come back


they forgot to send me the lube so its like 14 days untill i’ll get it, they also sent me a new 10 ball…
but for some reason i can’t deshield it…i could easily deshield the 8ball on my whip…


Just keep playing it… It will be fine…