Rally Bearing Need Help

Just got a new Rally today. Played like 10 minutes and then, suddenly, the bearing starts clicking and becomes extremely loud, not to mention vibey. What the heck happened? It was really smooth before, and I want to be able to fix it. Is it because of the budget bearing?

I went through this too. That bearing gets very loud on break in. A small amount of thin lube really helped for me, but the other option is playing through the noise until it smooths out.

Either play it out or deshield the bearing and give it a good clean and a tiny pin drop of thin lube.


OD yoyos come dry when you buy it

Which tends to make them noisy. Also I’ve found that a dry bearing plays rougher than a lightly lubed bearing.

Dry, but not clean. Ten balls have a gritty metallic dust in them that gradually appears while breaking in. It doesn’t affect anything, it just needs a good cleaning. Although the rally doesn’t use a ten ball, so it might not have that problem.