Rainfly.... Thoughts?


I saw the rainfly on a yoyo website and it’s a 70$ bimetal that looks like a Draupnir(which I expect wasn’t accidental) and was wondering if anyone has played with one and what their impression was. Thanks


I’ve heard mixed responses. The Pico Vox has a much more positive response and is cheaper but harder to find. It’s also bimetal :smiley:


I think it’s great. Mine is incredibly smooth. Maybe my smoothest throw. The weight is right in the sweet spot for me. Very stable. response is great. You can’t go wrong with it in my opinion. I think it’s very comparable to a space cowboy in terms of performance.


bigger berserker ss


Think a cheap feeling draupnir. I played one and what struck me was how light it played for its weight. Float like a bonfire, (bee) sting like takeshi. Plays well and is very stable. Worth buying IMO.


I feel like it plays very different than a Berserker SS. Not in a bad way though. I think it’s actually a better all around throw for everyday use. It’s not as rim weighted as the Berserker, and doesn’t spin as hard. I feel this makes it easier to get a smooth throw. I think its a little more comfortable in the hand than a Berserker. The SS rims are a lot wider and are polished very smooth so they will hang up a little easier than a berserker will if it hits your hand. The Rainfly is floatier and has less clunk on the end of the string. It feels a lot lighter on the string than a Berserker. The Berserker feels more unique to me. The Rainfly does not feel ‘cheap’ to me. The machining is as good as anything I’ve used my Rainfly is smoother than my Berserker SS.

Totally just an opinion, and both are fun, amazing throws.


Most reviews I v read says it s the longest sleeping yoyo, most ranking it above slasher, drapunir and sc. I take this as around ogres’ level
one of them pointed out that it feels ''like a mix of slasher and pw


vox sold much slower than rainfly, and none of the reviews seems to point outanything especially remarkable about it. it could still be a more balanced throw tho


I’m just ordered berseker ss and planning to get valor soon, buy after seeing this thread, i think rainfly is a better choice