king yo star rainfly

well i just bought a king yo star rainfly and was wondering what its like… i know a few of you on the forum have played with it… what are your thoughts.

If you already bought it, the question comes too late. :wink: You’ll find out soon enough…

greg i just kinda want to know what i bought… i talked to jeremy but he can only say to much… let me know what you think greg.

I think its pretty great. I’d say comparable to a Space Cowboy performance wise. Lighter and a bit more float than a Berserker SS. More stable, but less floaty than the Genesis SS. The only tiny thing I can think of is that the SS rings are highly polished and will grab a bit when it hits your skin. You can get finger grinds on the inner walls easily though. The engraving makes it not the best for finger spins but I am not good at them and I can pull them off with the Rainfly.

alecto, I haven’t tried one. I have the Rapid but not the Rainfly.

poor man’s draupnir/ cheap ver.

is that a compliment or hate.

it s nonsense

I’m pretty sure you can afford a draupnir… ;D

i got my rainfly… its amazing…