Rainbows and Pony Farts Pt.2


Back in action.  :-*

(Owen) #2

The day you got sponsored was the day when the best unsponsored yoyoer became the best sponsored yoyoer.

You are simply amazing.


(Khent G) #4

what they said! all yous are great


Awesome video, I loved the GT knot thing, it kind of hurt a little to watch.


This video is incredible. Great skills, locations, quality, editing, and song choice.
The man with the headphones t-shirt is a total beast. That is how I want to throw some day.


loved this vid a lot, great tricks, and great spots!


this may be my favorite multi person yoyo video since i first saw dangland pt 2. This was truly amazing


Vancity boys! Represent!

(Jerrod) #10