Rainbow Anodized Sovereign


Moving on to titanium… just finished this Sovereign yesterday. :slight_smile:



Holy ****. There is nothing more to say.


LOVE IT!!! Titanium always has a great look when ano’d.


it’s beautiful :open_mouth:


il give you 20+a dmII+25 poly strings?

(Jei Cheetah) #6

thats incredible Jason, for real, that just blew my mind.


Super stellar stuff, Jason.

The lowest I’ll take for it is $8,000,000US. :slight_smile:


what if i throw in a fh2? the pads are worn out and no cw…but besides all this joking that throw is simply amazing


Lol. This thread makes me laugh. :slight_smile:

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I am making really good progress on the Ti anodizing. I’m figuring out how to bring out the richer colors and also adding some new techniques to the repertoire. Here’s a Sovereign half that I anodized this morning. I’ll update with more photos of the whole yoyo later today.

I call this finish “Rainbouflage”.


That thing is simply amazing. I would love for one of my yoyos to look like that!


Thank you! :slight_smile:

Loaded YoYo: “Rainbouflage” Sovereign

Ok, here are photos of the completed Sovereign.



Here are a few photos of the Sovereign along with the original Rainbow Fade TiWalker as well as the “Fire in the Sky” Punchline that I posted recently. Titanium is very tricky to photograph and I thought it would be helpful to post comparison shots. For whatever reason, I am finding that the TiWalkers anodize more subtly than the Sovereigns.




Thanks for the other angles I was really hoping to see the rest of it. And I bet this thing looks even better in you own hands. C=

(Jei Cheetah) #14

That is purely unbelievable.

Amazing work!


just. plain. epic… :o


Mr Wong, you are brilliant!


Thanks a lot! These are from awhile ago, but here’ some more I’ve done.


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do some 35$ Services and i’ll send you my raw addiction!


Sorry I’m not really doing any aluminum ano jobs for people right now. These are all titanium. :slight_smile:



:o I like Rainbowflage!!! :o