Radical Seas, a yoyo and kendama company!!

hey guys I posted I this In the manufacturer thread, I thought I should post it here as well!

i own Radical Seas, a yoyo and kendama company! our new kendamas just came in; let me know what you think!


these will be for sale at the world yoyo contest! if you cant make it, i will open up the online store shortly after i get back from worlds!!

visit Radicalseas.com

Looks great, definitely interested. :smiley:
But may I ask what kind of material is the kendama made of?


Haha, Good Ol’ Beechwood. Nice, I’ll look forward to trying it when it come out. :wink:

Thanks, I’ve got some ideas I’ll be trying out in the future. I can’t wait to bring them to you guys!