Getting Started in Kendama...Took The Plunge

Wow, my first time posting in the kendama section. I had a hard time figuring out whether to bump an age old thread or start a new one. :smiley: After I chose an old one, a warning popped up stating that I might want to start anew.

My first impression of kendama was playing one that belonged to someone at a club meet. I gave it a try, and I liked it, because it felt like a nice little escape. That was months ago, and I finally bought some variety recently. I think I’m done buying them for a long time though, because I don’t anticipate it will catch on like yo-yo. It is pretty fun though.

So far, I have the big cup, small cup, base cup thing down and working on the spike. You know how I am…had to find some variety to keep things interesting. I decided to start with a stained Sweets. I like natural wood, but the stain added a little extra to the look. I also got these cute YYE colored minis to match the yo-yos, and found these weird metal ones online…pretty heavy. That should hold me awhile.
BlackFriday2 by The TotalArtist, on Flickr
IMG_9016 by The TotalArtist, on Flickr

Are those the aluminum ones machined by Landon Balk? They look so cool. Still hoping for a splash ano’d one. That would be amazing.

Well…I have not confirmed it, but suspected it.  I got them on the “auction site” and asked “the seller” who made them, because the maker/brand was not listed.  The seller replied stating that they were made by a machinist who makes yo-yos in the United States.  :-\  So, they were kind of secret squirrel about it.

So, I got them fairly cheap for what they were described and figured they must be some prototypes or something wrong with them…so I was dying to see.  When I got them, I could tell both had been played…one very very little, and the other a tad bit more.  So, someone at least tested them out.

Next thing I know, I’m on Youtube and looking up metals and stumble on the Landon Balk video of him machining kendamas.  So, then I’m thinking…machinist, makes yo-yos…USA.  So, it might be him, because they look the same, but I just can’t prove it.  I’d hate to post that it is someone’s work and it is really not…so I’ll just say, maybe.  :-\  I thought to message him and ask, but figured if the maker wanted it known…it would be known by now.  I think they might be part of a test run.

@TotalArtist, welcome to kendamas!
Remembering a quote from Guy Wright, kendamas are pretty intense and suspenseful. And hugely rewarding (e.g. “Did I just spike/land that?”). You somehow don’t quite get the same amount of thrill in yoyos.

There aren’t many folks who make full-sized aluminium kendamas around. Landon Balk is probably one, and I know KendAlex makes some as well.

Thank you. Yeah, the metal is taking a lot of damage especially being so heavy. I’m on the list for the next KendAlex run. :slight_smile:

I’m starting myself! I can’t wait I’m working on around the world but I don’t have a official kendama yet only a traditional so hopefully I’ll get a official kendama for christmas!


All ya gotta do is ask Santa nicely :wink:
All the best in your endavours, and welcome to kendama!