Aluminum Kendama??

Alright everyone, opinions needed!!! Who would like to see an all aluminum kendama from 3YO3?? Seriously considering making a run of these! I personally think they’d be sweet! Aiming for a price of around $90 for them. I know it’s been done before, but from all I could find they were a LOT more expensive. What are your thoughts, concerns, etc??

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If the ball were even going to be aluminum, wouldn’t it make very unpleasant sounds as you were using it? I know that’s not really a functional issue, but ech, I hate that sound of two yoyos hitting.

Here’s a video of someone playing an aluminum kendama, just so you can hear how it sounds :wink:

If you could get the ball to be hollow it would make a cool ringing noise… Unless you landed it on the spike. Thunk. Thunk. Thunk. I just spiked it three times in a row! Yaaaaaaaaay!

I don’t know about this. I think they would be heavy and annoying, more of a collectors thing then a functional thing. I would much rather see a run of acrylic Kendamas come from you Landon.

I agree, i’d rather see acrylic as well :), you could do some cool marbles!

I like the aluminum idea, I just don’t know how functional it would be.

awesome idea! You should get them powder coated

I would love to have an Aluminum Kendama. It probably is the only format I would be interested in trying. I guess it wouldn’t be bad to have quiet acrylic or delrin though. Wood just doesn’t do anything for me.


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I’m really feelin the Acrylic, or something like delrin. PVC?

Call mullicabob someone quick!!!

Delrin would be really nice.

I’ll state up front, I’ve never played Kendama, so I’m going off a purely aesthetic idea. Aluminum is cool, but you would basically be stuck leaving them raw. All the constant hits is bound to mess up any kind of Ano you put on them and it would be like setting yourself up for failure. For a one off run, that wouldn’t be a big deal, but if you planned on making quite a few, I know I like a little originality and personal touch on my stuff. Now, if you were to go with Acrylic, I think that would be a better medium(if possible), since you could at least dye them for a more unique look.

Aluminum handle, but the ball wooden would be sweet.

He has made an acrylic one…

IMO the ball looked kind of weird (it was transluscent). you could see the hole, looked kinda weird. Maybe that would help a beginner spot the hole easier? I don’t know the correct terms for all this stuff… but I think an opaque acrylic ball would look better IMO. But maybe it looks fine in real life? Who am I to judge?

I would love to see a rainbow acrylic kendama, or even marble

I don’t really like the idea of an aluminum kendama, it seems like it would be too heavy/unbalanced, with increased chances of smashing yourself in the face. A wood or delrin kendama would be nice though.

How about a aluminum kendama w/ a delrin ball

Another Vid

This thing weighs 540 grams… how much does a Kendama normally weigh?

130-150 grams.

those kens are like the c3 BTH in the kendama world

I would love to see an affordable(ish) aluminum kendama!

Imagine a splash anodization on the tama?!?!? So sick.