Racing Games for Xbox 360

Alright I need some help choosing some racing games. I want games that feel like real racing like Forza Horizon or Need for Speed on the run. I hated Midnight Club Los Angeles, Shift 2 (doesn’t have 3rd person view), burnout paradise and dirt 3. They played too arcadish for me. Any suggestions? I’ll trade the games I didn’t like or buy some suggestions if they fit my preferences at the right price.

You have Dirt 3?

Yup. Want it? Lol

Yeah man! I love rally.

I typically like street racing more. Like real street racing no weird power ups or anything haha. Rally is iffy for me. Some games nail rally events that I enjoy but others just drive me insane.

Test drive unlimited 2 is a pretty good game.

Does it have a free roam? Forgot to mention I love free roam.

Do you have DiRT Showdown? It’s way more fun than 3. I own both of them on PC.

I do not. What makes it more fun?

Different modes and stuff. I’ll go through them both tomorrow if you’d like.

I didn’t really like the driving on dirt 3 is it the same driving style between the two?

The driving is practically identical.

Gotcha probably wouldn’t like it then. Idk what it is about it but it just doesn’t feel right to me.

Forza is probably the way to go. Some of the F1 games are pretty decent as well, but definitely no free roam there.


Now that I think about it… I’ve had Dirt 3 Showdown and I hated it… I think I just hated all the different modes. Is Dirt 3 ONLY on rally courses?

What? Horizon feels super arcadish to me. Try Forza 4.

Its 100% free roam. The voices and AI is pretty dumb but its a very, very fun game. Very good racing. Its not easy, its actually pretty hard. The races themselves aren’t very hard however you have to get licenses to do the races which are hard. You can also mod it(if you feel its needed) to get money for cars if you want, because money is not amazingly easy to get in it.

Forza Horizon so smooth and the free roam is a nice aspect to the Forza world. I’ve heard the next Forza is going to be like horizon. Like a new Horizon Contest.

I agree. Favorite so far.

Forza Horizon blew me away. Have you played the other Forza games then? They were all astounding I thought. I’ve also played all the Need for Speeds. I really enjoyed Rivals and Most Wanted. Lots of open world type stuff to do in both of them. If you go back in time 2 years and grab Need for Speed The Run the cross country chase aspect of the game is pretty cool. They do real world locations fairly well. Having been a resident of Vegas and Colorado I was impressed with the layouts of both the Vegas and Colorado sections.