Rally or Drift game for Xbox 360?


Anyone know of any? I had a cool rally racing game for the OG Playstation and a drift game for PS2 but I’m curious if there are any for the 360.



Not sure how that helps with Xbox 360…


As for drift game: Forza, Forza and Forza.


They have dirt, parts 1,2, and 3. Also, need for speed.


Rally: Dirt 3
Racing: Forza 3 or Horizon, Race Pro


I’m playing Forza 3 now.

I had Dirt Showdown and I hated it. I will need to pick up Dirt 3 though, forgot about it…


Racing: Midnight Club: Los Angeles

(DOGS) #9

Forza Horizon is much more interesting to play, being an open world game with a varied setting. It’s not just “oh, you find yourself at another track in Switzerland…”, it’s “Hey, you’re at one end of this huge county in Colorado that we bought out to hold a huge, law free party, get over here for this race, and oh, you could quick travel but you could also totally challenge that guy in front of you to an impromptu race on the way here, even though he technically outclasses you.”

It’s not up to par with any of the actual Forza games in terms of tuning vehicles and precision, but if I’m out to have fun, that’s the game I’m choosing.

Unfortunately, most of the good the rally stuff is DLC, and it’s only 7 tracks and 5 or so cars.


Dirt 3 is my pic, gymkhana(trick drifting) and some of the best console rallying.