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Good work.

Good stuff Andrew!

Aaaaw yeaaaah!!!

You don’t know how excited I am. You make me wanna get skype…

Get Skype Samad! Talk to us!

Awesome Andrew. 1st trick was intense!


WAT!?!? U NO HAZ SKYPE!?!?!?

Even I have Skype, and that says a lot.

I’m baffled.

Ooooooo, I need to get my hands on some of your string, haha.

Wow. Some of the best 5A I’ve seen.

Awesome 5A video and your slow motions!!! :o

Dang! You’re better than me in 5A.

Happy Throwing! =]

Right when I saw the first trick I was like " This guy is really good."

We definitely need to spend more time on making you a more professional video.

what he said but 3 times better

Nice dude. Keep up the good work. Too bad the editing was absolutely horrible. :stuck_out_tongue:

I guess I’ll just go kill myself.


I’m pretty sure he was kidding…