(Nolsøe) #1

Failing can be healthy )))


Why can I not see your video?

(Nolsøe) #3

What about now?


haha your very good just need some practice with those tricks ;D but i liked it none the less!


This just made my day.


that waz kinda suckishh

(Nolsøe) #7

Thaaanks dude!. glad you liked it )))

u seem like a really k00l kId!!!
I mean … come on dude, it was supposed to be “suckishh” … it’s not like it’s something necessary for u to point out, is it?

  • peace.


I chuckled… Then I found out I wanna try 5A…



(Nolsøe) #10

Thanks !
Glad I could be an inspiration to pick 5a up :stuck_out_tongue:


Nice tricks, very smooth, practice makes perfect. Had some good laughs ;D but the tricks were very good and much better than I could do.

(Nolsøe) #12

Thaanks dude, it wasn’t to showcase my (kinda poor) 5A skills, more just for funsies.
but im gald you liked it :slight_smile:


Please don’t chew gum in the video, it is so annoying I stopped watching

(Nolsøe) #14

oops sorry about that :stuck_out_tongue:
I actually didn’t thought about that.