Forget that throwaway i just put out. Here is my new video Skywalk’in. Comments and Critique are welcome.




Awesome vid. That first 1a trick you did was sweet. keep it up

I dig, good video, mellow song, I like your slack tricks. Keep it up!

that is just crazy!!! your best most awesome vid!!!

Thanks guys! You made my day!

you cant even watch vidoes
because you said you computer wont show them ’

andrew i like the before and after you should know what i mean :wink:

:slight_smile: awesome!!

Nice, I like the editing… and the yoyoing of course. :smiley: Nice tricks, real smooth! Btw, what video editing software are you using?

-James Reed

Dang Andrew. Dang.

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Thank you.


Haha thanks guys. James, I used sony vegas pro 8.


omg! it’s michael kurti (theyodayshow). dude you’re incredible. you will succeed if you keep it up. good luck bro

Your vids just ooze of epciness. ;D

Thanks Michael kurti! I think i met you at NER. I love your videos too. Thanks guys!

now the comp is working

Beast!! ;D

Thanks Bro!

Great precision. Your tricks flow really well into each other. Nice work on the vid too - the music really clicked well with your style. :slight_smile:

Lol you need to mellow out.


Andrew, Two things.

  1. give yourself more time to throw the yoyo. Don’t just walk from the camera and throw. This will give the effect that you have a camera man.

  2. That is my only criticism.

Your yoyoing skills are very nice and I can see you winning a contest in the future.