Quite a bit suspicious...


Back a few months ago, a won an FHZ from swatnoodle:
my computer was broken that week so I didn’t find out until a week later. I sent him my info and stuff, but it never came. Then I PM’ed him and he said that he had too much HW and that he would send in ASAP, but I didn’t get it.Then I PM’ed him about a month ago, and he said he forgot about it. He also said he needed to raise funds for shipping. That leads to now. It seems like an awefully long time to try and raise, what, 5 dollars?
So my question is, has anyone worked with swatnoodle? It seems like he’s ok in his feedback, having 23 positive feedbacks.

Note to swatnoodle, if what you said is really true, then I’m sorry for somewhat spoiling your reputation and stuff.


It’s OK brother. If someone offers to give you something for free, and you call him out in front of everyone for taking too long to send it, I don’t think his reputation will be spoiled…


No more posting because it will turn into a flame war. Both parties need to work this out.