Quiet or Noisy Bearing? and Lubed or Dry?

If someone can answer my questions, because I am going to mod my bearing. :slight_smile:

Have fun modding the bearing.

I just clean them when they get noisy. But, sometimes it’s the yoyo itself that is amplifying the noise. Understanding the true cause of the noise is just as critical.

What do you mean by mod the bearing?

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What I mean by modding is trying some cleaning methods to make a sleep longer, such as, mineral spirits, zippo, or using electrical contact cleaner as mentioned by MyNameHere.

I’ve had very good luck with 100% acetone and the terrapin kit.
Though seeing so much on electrical contact cleaner has me interested in trying it.

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So what’s your question?
And just to be clear, cleaning a bearing is not modding it.

Well technically is it is modification, because i’m altering the way the bearing functions, in this case, sleep time.

Clean the bearing with acetone, lighter fluid, mineral spirits, or whatever and blow it out with compressed air when you hear or feel like it’s gritty. Apply lubricant to adjust volume of sound that the bearing emits to your liking.

Ehh, no, it’s maintenance. :wink:

Re: Quiet or Noisy Bearing? and Lubed or Dry?

I like my bearings quiet. I mostly use 10-ball bearings that I clean with Zippo lighter fluid and then lubricate it with either Yoyojam thin lube or OneDrop’s V4M.
Here’s what I do:

Fill up small container with lighter fluid.
Put bearing in.
Shake container for about 30 seconds.
Take out bearing.
Put bearing on a pencil.
Roll bearing on table until the lighter fluid dries.
Add a drop of lubricating oil.
Put into yo-yo and play.

Whatever you decide to call it. If you want to quiet it down without effecting much spin time, I’d clean it with your favorite dangerous chemical and then add a drop of v4m to quiet it down without too much lost sleep time.

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