Quick question regarding shipping

Hey guys! This will be my first international trade, and I want it to go as smoothly as possible. I never wanted to do one because of the shipping issues that become get, but it’s worth a shot. I shipped to the UK, and wondering what I am suppose to give the the buyer as far as some kind of receipt. I have the receipt that I received from USPS, but we arranged that there will be no tracking number on the package to keep the cost down on shipping. it was Priority mail International 8-15 days. I have my payment on my credit card, but that will not do any good. I want to make sure this thing gets sent to him. Thanks for the help guys!!

Just take a picture or scan of the receipt. About all you can do.

Often the associated customs number will provide some tracking information. This is not guaranteed by USPS but it often works regardless.

I’ve shipped a lot of things non-priority to the UK. I always get a tracking number, and while it’s not full tracking, it will let you know if it got there. It seems more like a delivery confirmation. Our system is somewhat well connected with the UK…my favorite place to send things outside of the USA. If you went to the post office in person, you had to fill out International paperwork. On that paperwork is a number that you can enter, and it will give you some status on the package. If I remember correctly, it was a series of letters and numbers, and it was shorter than the tracking numbers we typically use here.