Quick question on unresponsiveness

I recently bought a Shutter and have just begun to start unresponsive play. While practicing I noticed that once my Shutter got to a certain height it would respond like a responsive YoYo and return to my hand without any form of a bind. I’m using the stock bearing that comes in the Shutter and have ordered a center tract bearing. I’ve also cleaned the bearing and have not used any lube and the Shutter is still returning to my hand once it gets to a certain height. Is this normal for an unresponsive YoYo to respond this way? If this is not normal what can I do to fix the issue?

Not normal at all. It could be a couple of things causing the problems.

  1. The string has too much tension in it which causes it to twist up a lot when you give the string a bit of slack by bringing it up to a certain height, this then causes it to bunch up around the bearing and cause it to bind. This one is probably the easiest to fix. Just have to keep an eye on your string tension and keep it as neutral as possible. There are a few videos here and on youtube on the subject.

  2. Improperly installed response pads. Could be that the response pads weren’t installed properly causing them to stick out a bit which would make it a lot more grabby/snaggy. Do the response pads sit flush with the yoyo body or does one (or both) poke out a bit? This is another pretty easy fix. Just replace the pads.

  3. Dud bearing. It happens. Sometimes you buy a brand new yoyo and despite all the quality control, a bad bearing will sneak through. If it is a bad bearing, YYF or YYE will be able to help you out. Just shoot them an email and let them know what’s happening.

Hope that helps.


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I would say that it is normal. Once the bind causes the string to start to wrap (reaching a certain height), the yoyo will continue to return as any other yoyo. But then maybe I’m not understanding what he’s saying the problem is.

I think he’s saying if u tug the yoyo up, once it gets towards the top or towards your hand it binds up.

I’d say this isn’t normal. Means its semi responsive.

Thank you all for the responses. I am saying that when I tug upwards the yoyo will return to my hand after a certain height which is usually close to my hand. I’ve replaced my string and it is still doiing the same thing.

Not normal. I assume when you tug, the string starts to “chase” the axle? It should just hang completely loose, not chasing.

The chasing is USUALLY a responsive bearing, but could be the other things mentioned. Changing the string in and of itself doesn’t necessarily address Yuki’s point about having a lot of tension on the string. Make sure you’re playing with neutral tension. The pad thing mentioned could also be a culprit. Do the pads seem flush or even slightly recessed from the walls, or are they sticking out a little bit from the walls?

Probably the bearing, though. At least that’s what my experience tells me. If the Center Trac you ordered is the 10-ball one (CTX), it will also come responsive, so be prepared for it to do the same thing until it’s broken in. If you got a normal Center Trac I believe they ship dry and unresponsive.

Once again I’m going to go out on a limb here. If it’s coming up part way on a tug, it isn’t very unreponsive in the first place. Have you cleaned the bearing?

Try pushing in the pads. But most likely its a dud bearing.

My new bearing came in and it works wonderfully. Thank you all once again for the help.

I had a Shutter and same thing happened – it was responsive. Swapped out the bearing and good to go!