Quick question for Josh Yee?


In your I Will Bite Back video (I like that one :D) on your first trick, at about 35 seconds, you seem to push the yoyo up, I’m not sure if it actually happens though. I have tried pushing the yoyo like that and it just bounces off. How are you managing to do it? Buttery hands (hey, it’s an idea)? Or does your yoyo have a really slick finish? I would’ve PMed you, but this seemed so cool I thought it should be given some attention. It’s a neat concept.

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EDIT: Nevermind.


I dont see anything like that whatsoever… The yoyo goes up cuz it hits the string not his hand :stuck_out_tongue:


He kinda jerked the string up, sending the yoyo off of the string.

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Erk, sorry I missed this hun, was offline last fewdays > . <
Im not seeing what you were asking about at 35?
Was a bit confused lulz


I may be wrong (or insane) but right at 35, the yoyo as it moving counter clockwise from my view, the hand to the right bumps it to speed up the circle and boost the momentum. I guess I am wrong though :stuck_out_tongue: I was sure you pushed it. Now I will invent the yoyo push XD.

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Do you mean more around the 33-34 ish mark perhaps?


Now that I see it again it is closer to 33 or 34.

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Ahhhh I see what you mean now!

My hand never hits the yoyo at all actually.
This concept is actually a bit old, first I saw it was around 2002 ish.
It’s actually a “picking up” of a string segment with an upward motion of the hand that acts in unison with the yoyo, creating the illusion of “pushing” the yoyo as you say.
I think I picked it up from Jason Lee’s 2002 worlds freestyle if I remember correctly, and had seen it used by others around that time frame.

Fun concept to use, glad someone noticed it!




I wouldn’t have noticed it (especially because I kept queuing up 0:35 and missing it!) but now that it’s been pointed out, that’s a really cool subtle move, actually!


Haha sorry about the incorrect timing. I like the way it looks, but now I’m stuck on the yoyo pushing idea! If you wear a glove it is very easy. I should throw it in a video.