cant get the hang of boomerang!!

whenever i try boomerang, i cant get the yoyo to shoot out infront of me, and my hands always seem to be moving opposite of what the trick says to do! any tips?

I don’t know how much to help other than saying to think of the string between your hands as a catapult and launch the string. I would love to see you do it so I could point out whats wrong and give you tips.

My advice, imagine that the yoyo already is able to shoot out in front of you by itself.

But to keep the motion going, you have to bring your lower hand, closer to your higher hand.

When the yoyo comes in, raise your lower hand just a bit, and then spring em apart to make the yoyo shoot out again.

Hope this helps!


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ok that seems like it would help, ill try that, but my last friction stickers got shreaded so ill try it when i get more. thanks for the tips!!!