Quick question about Turbo Bumble Bees

Hi guys,

Just wondering if anyone can help with a question I have. So I bought a Turbo Bumble Bee ages and ages ago as a kid, and from what I remember, it has the website address at the bottom.

I was looking on eBay for a second one, and found one that says “Koosh Proyo” on it. Did I buy a fake version by accident? Or is it simply a different batch?



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Playaxx had a distribution deal with Hasbro, Koosh, and TCL. So you have a 100% legit bee, just one that they sold to Koosh for distribution.


Perfect. Thanks!

I used to have that in imperial and butterfly versions I think way back when, probably 20 years ago!

I totally almost forgot the Koosh-branding on the pro-yos. Come to think of it, I had a Koosh-branded pro-yo back in the day.

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Yea. I’ve got a couple of loop 360s on their way but I just like the nostalgia factor of the bee so decided to get one too.

I’ve never tried the butterfly version tho. How did that play?

It’s a long time ago to recall but I remember it having decent sleep time. It is responsive, right? I think I remember those being responsive throws.

Yup. Responsive with cork brake pads. I still have a regular Bee and a GT. Really good spin time for the time they were produced.